icon-solutionsAdvantages for a fuel stations network

  • Reduction of customer service time, elimination of queues. A transaction of buying fuel without leaving the car takes only a few minutes, resulting in significant reduce in service time and increase in filling stations capacity, especially during peak hours
  • Growth of the customer base. Attracting new customers from among those people who want to who wants to reduce the waiting time at the gas station and loves self-service, as well as those for whom any of wallet services is valuable
  • Strengthening the brand and increase in loyalty. The digitized loyalty card of the filling station network, being placed in the wallet, eliminates the need to carry a plastic card, and is the least likely to be forgotten at home. Moreover, valuable and handy services of the mobile wallet itself make the brand of its provider more significant in the eyes of consumers
  • Increase in revenues. Commissions from financial services (payments and transfers) and any digitized values stored in the wallet.
  • New opportunities for partnership. The network development for on-line (eCommerce) and off-line (mCommerce) mobile wallet payment acceptance, partners’ e-services in the wallet (mobile gifts, electronic insurance policies, e-tickets, etc.), partnership through digitization of values (loyalty programs in the wallet, a single ticket for public transport, an electronic prescription, etc.).

icon-solutionsOpportunities for fuel station customers:

  • A convenient, secure and customizable mobile wallet in the form of a smartphone application for paying for fuel without leaving a car (by scanning the QR-code placed directly at a gas station)
  • A variety of payment instruments inside the wallet (payment by card or from a bank account, e-money payment, payment from a mobile operator's account)
  • Digitized loyalty card of the gas station network in the mobile wallet; automated bonuses accrual when paying with a wallet
  • Pre-ordering goods from the gas station product catalog, paying with wallet, fast order receiving when arriving at the station
  • Instant P2P transfers right on the go by phone number.
  • Payment for goods and services in the wallet catalog (utilities, communications, insurance, games and content, online stores, etc.)
  • Purchasing e-tickets and storing them in the wallet.
  • Authorization with wallet at web-resources, wallet payments by scanning a QR-code generated in the shopping cart of an online store.
  • Any other mobile services (mobile gifts, parking fees, a single ticket for public transport, etc.) and digitized values (electronic prescriptions, photocopies of documents, etc.).
  • On-line communication with customers using PUSH notifications, as well as an instant messenger integrated into the wallet

icon-solutionsOpportunities for merchants partnering with the gas stations network:

  • Increasing the customer base with fuel station customers – mobile wallet owners
  • A universal and convenient payment tool for customers, the ability to accept various payment means
  • Authorization and payment in an online store in just a few clicks
  • A variety of ways to accept mobile wallet payments depending on the type and size of the merchant (contactless payments, payments by scanning a QR code printed or displayed on the screen, using QR POS mobile terminals (smartphone application) for receiving payments, and payments by phone number)
  • Loyalty programs integrated into the payment solution
  • Online communication with customers using PUSH-notifications, as well as instant messenger, integrated into the wallet.
  • Flexibly configurable billing of transactions.

icon-solutionsThe project for a fuel station network includes 4 basic steps:

  • 1.Writing functional requirements for the solution (business processes, interfaces, IT architecture and infrastructure, and integration)
  • 2.Platform deployment, integration with the billing system of the gas station network, integration with payment and service providers, and partners
  • 3.Technical and business testing
  • 4.Commercial launch

icon-solutionsUsed platforms and services:

  • mMallet – mobile wallet in a form of a smartphone application for a gas station network customers
  • eWallet – platform for issuing and managing electronic money
  • mReward – platform for managing a loyalty program, including bonus processing and CRM-solution
  • Masterpass – a MasterCard service that allows you to store your card details in the cloud, and thus to link cards to your mobile wallet

icon-solutionsSuccessful projects for gas stations networks:

  • Fishka with OKKO PAY feature – mobile wallet for one of the largest coalition loyalty programs in Ukraine and one of the Ukraine’s largest networks of filling stations ОККО (with integrated Masterpass solution) - https://www.okko.ua/en/okko_pay


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